Could Bike Lanes Cause Pollution?

August 21, 2008 at 7:51 am Leave a comment

Photo from the Wall Street Journal

This is the title of a Wall Street Journal article that focuses on San Francisco gadfly and anti-cyclist Rob Anderson.

Anderson, 65, has halted the city’s huge pro-bike plan, designed to provide more bike lanes, better bike parking and safer routes through the car-clogged city. Anderson’s claim is that more bike lanes mean more traffic jams, which translates into higher pollution.

With no apparent motive for hating cyclists (Anderson doesn’t even own a car), he has made it his full-time job to impede the bike plan. Anderson requested an environmental impact study to prove that more bikes don’t mean more pollution. When the city denied his request, he sued. Now San Francisco citizens must foot the bill for a study that proves that bicycles, zero emissions vehicles, aren’t harmful to our air.

When he isn’t busy filing briefs and sending excessive paperwork to City Hall, Anderson spends his days blogging about his hatred of cyclists. In one post, he compares cyclists who take to the street to suicide bombing Islamic Terrorists. Anderson is undeniably off his rocker, but unfortunately his instability comes at the risk of our safety.

Next time you find yourself trapped between trolly tracks and a speeding taxi on Market, you can blame Anderson for putting you at risk. And next time you have to lock your bike to a parking meter with seven other bikes piled up, you can blame Anderson for the lack of parking.


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