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As someone who has been riding a BMX bike for my entire adolescent and now adult life I have come to terms with a certain degree of misunderstanding. I have suffered a lot of snarky comments about the size of the bicycle I choose to pedal around. There are the classics; “Is that your little sister’s bike?” and “did you beat up a third grader and steal his bike?”.
BMXers occupy an interesting space. We ride bikes. But we are not cyclists. We obsess over the weight of our bikes, but wouldn’t know a high performance sweat wicking material if it was wrapped around our heads. We ride all day, but we don’t go for rides. Bmx opened my eyes to how much fun bikes can be in general and I still see any form of bike riding I do through the lens of BMX.
I found this ad for a bmx bike on craigslist a few months back. I assume this is how the world sees bmx. I’m ok with that. And it is pretty funny too.
here is the ad…hope they were able to sell it.
still in the box!!!! OMG! freestyle BMX. totally win the x-games, brah! totally hit the streets with your dumb friends and pop wheelies. what was that one teen movie about the freestyle bicyclists? i don’t remember, but you can be like those guys!
totally awesome!
this bike needs to be put together. your kid would be pumped! they have a birthday coming up, and they’ve been whining like,
“mom/dad!!!! i totally want a brand new killer BMX freestyle bike so i can shred the streets like (insert famous bicyclist name here)!!!! biff at school has one, and he says it’s soooooo cool!”
and you look on the web, and you can’t help but think to yourself that these bikes are pretty expensive…and when you were a kid you built your bike out of dead birds and that gum that came with topps baseball cards. but then you decide to check the old craigslist, and lo and behold, your answer is right here!
i cannot stress enough that this bike has never been used. hell, it’s still not put together! wow!
get back to us soon, and we can work something out.
thanks for reading!
i would’ve posted a photo, but again, it’s not put together, and besides, it’s a bike. it has wheels and pedals and handlebars…i’m sure you’ve seen one before…”
to summarize:

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