Unplugged: Urban Living on the Grid

July 4, 2008 at 3:51 pm Leave a comment

I made two goals for myself this Memorial Day weekend: to get this blog up and running and to make a bike powered washing machine that I could also use to power electrical appliances. Two The village bicycle\'s wonder washer- omg!big forces working against me are that I’m not good at nor especially like putting things together (working with tools) and I’m not exactly web or tech savvy (like at all). But I’m learning, and damn it, it’s the first week of July and I’m making a little progress.

I cheated a little with the washing machine and bought the Wonder Washer hand-powered washing machine, which I could at any time hook up to my bike but actually like working my arms. I’ve got this little puppy set up in my back yard on it’s only little table with a rack (Ikea bookshelf that I had transformed into a rug loom about a year ago) for rinsing, and a clothes line for drying.

Honestly, this may have been the best $40 I’ve spent in a while. I love washing my clothes – it doesn’t take very long once you got a little station set up and I was skeptical at first, but my clothes really do come out clean and smelling good.. One load can handle about 1 pair of jeans, a couple shirts, socks, and undies or a queen sized sheet set.

My next project though, that I still want to do before winter this year is to get a stationary bike set up in my room that will power electrical appliances. Homeless Dave‘s got a good plan going, but unfortunately, he lives in Michigan so here’s my plea — is there anyone in the Bay Area who wants to help build the ultimate stationary bike with a tool-illiterate lady who won’t pay you but will feed you delicious baked goods and give you delicious Trader Joe’s beer/wine?


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