Summer is in the air, and in my lungs

June 30, 2008 at 6:45 pm 1 comment

Only 4 weeks into official fire season and it seems like the whole state is on fire. Every morning on my way to work I ride past parked cars crusted with a fine layer of ash. This past weekend my girlfriend and I were on a ride in the woods and couldn’t help but notice the difference in stamina. It doesn’t take a heart monitor or a stethoscope to tell that the visibly smoky air might be connected to all the wheezing. Olympic hopefuls may want to cross train in Santa Cruz county for the time being, as we are giving Beijing a run for their money in air quality. Complaining aside, the sun has been out, more and more people are out on their bicycles and the hazy sunsets have been spectacular.

As gas prices steadily climb to near European levels, more and more drivers are throwing in the towel and then wiping excess oil off their chain with said towel. Gas prices were sighted in GM’s recent announcement that they would be revamping, or perhaps even doing away with the HUMMER. Imagine a world with no HUMMERS, its easy if you try. I would think cyclists in particular will be glad to see those death-mobiles off the road. Apparently someone has a soft spot for the beast and has decided to pay homage in bike form. Introducing the Trio bike. If the Hummer crowd really crosses over, expect to see these things piloted by wealthy gym rats with barb-wire-arm-band-tattoos and housewives on cellphones without children aboard.

Actually the Trio bike is pretty cool, it breaks down into a hybrid commuter, the WWII looking stroller or combines into the urban assualt vehicle seen here. I love how Orwellian this picture looks. Does anyone really want to live under the totalitarian regime that Trio bike has in store for us? You can see more and decide for yourself here. Share the Road.


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  • 1. jack allen  |  July 3, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Good call on the 1984 idea! I hadn’t seen that, but love it. Nice ironic twist on all us do good, feel good, be good bike people.


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