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May 29, 2008 at 5:03 am Leave a comment

This past weekend, I got my hungover ass out of bed, loaded up my bike, and did some camping up on River Road in Guerneville, CA.  Once I got there, I talked to some guys at the Stumptown Brewery who had taken the Larkspur Ferry from SF and biked their way up, but I took the easy way, which was to catch the 80 bus at 7th and Folsom and then ride it up to Santa Rosa.  From there, I took Piner Rd to Olivet (right on Olivet), and Olivet to River Road (left on River Road).  It was a total of about 15 miles, and I gotta say, I felt a little wimpy about it.

So here are my questions:

What’s the best way to get up to Guerneville from San Francisco?

My campsite sucked and was super expensive – where’s a cheap place to go with nice people (I don’t care if their loud annoying people, just as long as they’re not a group of high schoolers getting wasted, throwing things all over the place, and thinking I’m a cop)?

Finally, I’d love to see some pictures of other peoples rides from the weekend.

Here’s a quick video.  Ideally, I’d have a small camera that was easy to use when taking videos of my rides.  Instead, I have a bulky one that bounces all over the place.  Maybe I’ll get better with time(?).  Also, its really hard not to just shoot the road in front of me – since that’s what I’m looking at.

Any suggestions on shooting a bike ride.  There are a lot of good bike videos out there, and I want to know how the hell you guys do it.

From Rio Nido, CA:


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